In Memory of Melani Shields

Melani was born at 5:02 pm on Tuesday April 21, 1992 and left at 4:10 on Monday August 25, 2014. All the time in between and for all time to come I am the luckiest person in the world to have had the honor of being her mom. Melani attended Seacrest Country Day School in Naples, Florida from pre-k through sixth grade before moving to Orlando Florida where she was homeschooled and attended Esteem Academy.  Melani received her GED with a personal letter stating her score was one of the highest on record.  Surmounting a chronic anxiety disorder, Melani attended Valencia College for two years and received a certification in Phlebotomy from the Lorenzo Walker Institute of Naples, Florida.  She planned to continue her education in the nursing and medical assisting field.

Melani Memorial Video

Melani was a brave, gentle, caring, sensitive, creative soul who loved animals, often bringing home neighbor’s cats and dogs from their front lawns fearing they were lost or alone.  She loved nature, taking every opportunity to climb swing or back flip from everything it offered.  Melani was unflinchingly loyal and shared her infectious joy of silliness with those she loved. Especially her sister Jessi and brother Sean.

Melani Shields

But most of all Melani was lovable and made the world seem better when she was in it. Melani expanded my heart beyond its physical bounds.

Memorial Submitted by
Patrice Shields