SAS Memorial Wall

To include your loved one(s) in our Memorial Wall, please send one or two photos of your loved one(s) along with their name, birth and angel date and any additional information you would like to share to

Remembering the loved ones our members have lost to suicide. Please click on the photos below to visit our loved one’s memorial page to learn more about them.

They are always in our hearts

Melani Shields 4:21:92-8:25:14Melani Shields 4:21:92-8:25:14
Glynis Shields 5:2:67-12:27:11Glynis Shields 5:2:67-12:27:11
Jessi Shields 1994-2016Jessi Shields 1994-2016
kevin Patrick Phelps 10:2:79-6:12:18kevin Patrick Phelps 10:2:79-6:12:18
John R Geraghty II 4:4:74-1:20:13John R Geraghty II 4:4:74-1:20:13
IMG_4171 (1).PNGIMG_4171 (1).PNG
Jane Frances Fodale

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