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Louise – Lost Son to Suicide

I gained so much peace of mind from attending your splendid group, following the suicide death of Mark, our 48-year-old son. His unexpected decision to end his life blindsided me, and my thinking I could handle grief well. My happy go lucky son evidently hid his insecurities from everyone. After the shock and disbelief wore off, the devastating depression frightened me. I thought I was going insane. Over and over I thought, “If only I’d noticed,what clues did I miss, what if’s-etc. etc. etc?” I am a Mom., how did I fail him? Parents don’t outlive their children. Period. Wrong. I beat myself up trying to understand his fatal decision. The group allowed me to cry unashamedly, listening intently to my story. I learned I was not alone. Through their support, compassion and deep concern form me, they helped me see things more rationally. Once I began healing I was able to encourage others like myself who had a loved one die of suicide. God bless your support group.