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Elissa-Lost Life Partner to Suicide

Members of our family oriented support group share a unique bond because of the horrendous tragedy they have experienced. We meet weekly, being a peer led group,by two people who share in this type of grief and have been volunteering their time for 24 years..” Immediately a sense of trust, genuine love, compassion and guidance is felt by becoming a group member. You can honestly express feelings, speak or not speak, come or not come and never be judged or criticized because you are surrounded by people who “know what you fee.” In surviving this tragedy through the initial months and years to follow, many reading materials will be provided along with a telephone support network as well. Because life has dramatically changed forever, learning new skills and tools to live differently is very important now in rebuilding your life. This is what makes our group so unique for healing, growing, while enhancing our desire for giving and helping others.