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Evelyn-Lost Daughters to Suicide

My 28-year-old daughter Diane died of a self inflicted gunshot wound, 17 years ago. I attended a grief group and just before a break in group, I was asked what happened to her–my answer was she had died of suicide. After the break, I had empty chairs to my right and left with no more conversation with those who were grieving “Normal Deaths.” Sadly, six years ago, my youngest daughter Wendy, who was diagnosed with bipolar disease, also ended her life by and overdose and alcohol. This time hospice put me in touch with this group. I was there three weeks after losing Wendy, unable to talk about her and finally about Dine too. Somehow our group helped me maintain my sanity. We meet weekly and we all look forward to being in a very safe place, never judged and free to say whatever we want. This is our family of friends who really do know how we feel.