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Attending my first survivors’ group meeting was met with heartache, sadness, uncertainty, but mostly being scared. In wanting to be strong, not able to, I made a decision on faith alone to go because all of what I was feeling was very intense and overwhelming. (more…)

Pat – Lost Significant Other to Suicide

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When I lost my husband, Mark, to suicide in April 2003, I thought I already knew how to deal with the grief since I had lost my previous husband Tom in April, 1987. I had a rude awakening. Grief due to death by suicide is vastly different than grief due to death by cancer. (more…)

Susan – Lost Spouse to Suicide

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I gained so much peace of mind from attending your splendid group, following the suicide death of Mark, our 48-year-old son. His unexpected decision to end his life blindsided me, and my thinking I could handle grief well. (more…)

Louise – Lost Son to Suicide