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Pat – Lost Significant Other to Suicide

Attending my first survivors’ group meeting was met with heartache, sadness, uncertainty, but mostly being scared. In wanting to be strong, not able to, I made a decision on faith alone to go because all of what I was feeling was very intense and overwhelming. I did know to the core of my being I wanted to talk to people who knew how I felt and would understand my pain and severe feeling of guilt. My friends’ referral to this group helped me meet what I call the most wonderful group of individuals I have met ever.
They know the pain, understand the guilt and demonstrated the most caring and compassionate support. Their words provided me with the comfort and strength I needed so much. They provided me with a “safe place” to feel all of my feelings as I knew I wasn’t alone and they were helping me to heal. This wonderful group of individuals is there for you too. They help you get through the pain, and teach you that it is ok to take the time you need to move on, recreating yourself as a new person without your loved one. I learned that when Drew died, a big part of me died with him, and that now I must become new again; from death comes new life. I learned that the group’s compassion and kindness were like no others, because they have been through it and understand the pain and trauma created by suicide. Thank you group for my new life.