Book by our Group Member Erin Blechman

My Unexpected Journey: Reflections after Losing My Son to Suicide, Written by fellow survivor and our group member Erin Blechman, My Unexpected Journey is a collection of reflections written following the death of the author’s son, Max, to suicide in June 2020. This book about loss, mental illness, and grief is a raw look at a mother’s heart as she tries to navigate life following the loss of a beloved son and her crisis of faith that results. The author asks difficult questions, entertains serious doubts, and reminisces about both good and bad times with her son as she tries to go on living during the first year and a half following his death. It’s an authentic and vulnerable portrayal of the unexpected journey of grief in the aftermath of the worst and most traumatic experience of her life. The book is available on Amazon. Click here ♥♥♥♥

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