Grief and Loss

Ask these 8 questions instead to get a genuine response

As survivors we are often asked questions about our loss that we might deem hurtful, or thoughtless. If we are to be honest, before our loss we may not have… Continue reading Ask these 8 questions instead to get a genuine response

Grief and Loss, Suicide Loss Survivors

“Pain is Inevitable – Suffering is Optional.”

Pain and suffering are not the same things. This graphic shows how emotional pain (not physical pain) is a natural response to an emotionally disturbing event. Suffering is our response to the event with negative self-talk and actions intended to avoid or numb the pain we feel. We can keep filling that suffering portion of the graphic up with unhealthy coping mechanisms and negative self-talk, but none of them ever address the actual feelings that have caused our pain. In fact, negative self-talk may be another way we avoid feeling the actual pain. 

Grief and Loss, Suicide Loss Survivors

Ashley Judd on Mental Illness, Her Mother’s Death & The Importance of Grief Support

Nobody’s grief process looks exactly the same. It’s personal, specific, and often, private — which is why today’s tender conversation is such a privilege. David speaks with actress and activist Ashley Judd on the recent death of her mother, as well as her experiences of sexual assault and abuse.

Grief and Loss, Suicide Loss Survivors

Guilt vs Regret

Guilt is a common and often overpowering feeling for survivors. There is a difference between guilt and regret  Our friend Patricia often shares her insightful distinction between the word "guilt" survivors mistakenly place on themselves and "regret" which more accurately expresses what they are feeling. Here is an article on that important distinction for survivors.